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Commercial Laundry

We2Clean offers commercial laundry services to businesses located in New Jersey.

We understand the unique challenges businesses face when dealing with large quantities soiled laundry. Our commercial customers have specific laundry requirements and a high quality standard. At We2Clean, we are dedicated to delivering excellent service in order to meet our own high standards. Our experienced staff and top of the line equipment will ensure that each item is stain free and wrinkle free.

With our daily or weekly laundry service programs, your laundry will be picked up and delivered on time, every time, on your prescheduled laundry days. Have a last minute request? Not a problem! We2Clean can deliver on your tight deadlines, with a lightning fast turnaround time to meet any of your last minute needs. Additionally we offer same day service.

Call We2Clean today, it so simple! Call (833) WASH2GO / (833) 927-4246 to set up your business’ custom laundry service program!


Health Clubs, Gyms, and Spas: Our commercial laundry service for health clubs, gyms and spas includes folding and refilling your towel racks! We provide special cleaning solutions to remove even the toughest oil and lotion stains.

Medical Facilities and Doctors’ Offices: Our commercial laundry service for Medical Facilities and Doctors’ Offices includes linens, uniforms and more! We can clean every type of fabric, from the curtains to the linens!

Restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts, and Hotels: Our commercial laundry service for restaurants, bed & breakfasts, and hotels covers bed sheets, towels, kitchen linens, tablecloths, aprons, napkins, dishtowels, and more! Our large machines can handle any amount of cleaning needed. With our laundry service, your business can remove cleaning labor costs from your payroll and eliminate your own equipment maintenance expenses (and headaches!).

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